Saturday, August 6, 2011

Home to me

Inspired by Andrew's post about home, I've decided to put my thoughts about the concept into words.
Less than a week into the trip I wrote a short entry about how I was feeling about home at that point.  It's stayed true and been proven time and time again throughout the trip...

Home is wherever you make it- wherever you want it to be.  The idea of choosing a single place, an address, a piece of land, is frightening.  How can I possibly establish roots when there's inviting soil everwhere?   Why not just bring home with me wherever I go?

Home is whatever you make it - it doesn't need a fixed place in space and time, just your knowledge that it is there with you.  What makes somewhere home to me requires nothing more than what I could carry with me... it's about the people, the fun, the interactions and the feeling of fulfilment. 

Coldwater Road, Roche Lake, Site 1 at a campsite in Kelowna (and now) the Rockies (all of them!), a wheat field, Montreal River, Huntsville, the Ottawa Valley... These places are just as much home as anywhere I've lived.  I'm sure the list will grow!

I have found "homes" all across Canada.  I'm not yet sure if this will make it much harder or easier to feel at home in one given place... I guess time will tell!

What is home to you? Where do you feel at home and what/who makes you feel that way?  Leave comments below if you like :)

Mel xo

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  1. Ed Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros put it nicely:

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