Friday, August 19, 2011

We can smell the Atlantic!

Ahoy there!

Well, it's official, we have made it to the east coast and can smell (and taste) the lovely salty atlantic ocean.

Here's proof of us entering Canada's only official bilingual province...

We're currently in Miramichi, NB and are working our way south towards PEI. We're at 6472 km and have only another 9 days of biking and 3 more provinces before we reach St. John's!

We've been blown away by the spirit and the warmth of people across Canada, but more over the last two weeks than ever we have been spoiled time and time again by people offering directions, advice, food, lawns, showers, beds and best of all stories! Andrew is best at asking the hard, uncomfortably questions that lead to the best conversations (during many of which I've had to do simultaneous translations!), and as a result we've learnt about the fate of Catholicism in Quebec, perceptions of francophones with regards to anglophones, the expulsion of the acadians, and most importantly "where the really strong east coast accents start."

Acadia celebrates national Acadia day every aug 15 so houses all over NB are decorated right now with red white and blue flags and streamers, stars and banner with the names of some of the original Acadian families.

It's really hard to imagine that this trip is coming to an end and that in less than two weeks Andrew and I will no longer be professional vagabonds/cyclists/hippies... That said we're both getting so excited about being back at school and seeing people other than each other every day!

Mel xo

P.s. Meant to post this yesterday morning... See next post for latest update!

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